Kim Kardashian Faces Harsh Criticism After Posing With Elephants During Her Bali Vacation

by Angela Andaloro

If there’s one thing everyone knows about the Kardashians, it’s that they love their lavish vacations.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the extended family visited Bali for some “soul searching.” The experience apparently deeply impacted Kim Kardashian, who decided to go back shortly before the episode aired. On this trip, it was just Kim and husband Kanye West. The weekend getaway ended up causing a tremendous amount of backlash due to some photos Kim posted.

During their second trip to Bali, Kim and Kanye visited a supposed elephant sanctuary.

Kim posted several pictures where she and Kanye are seen posing with the elephants. Some major clues from the photos alerted fans to the fact that this wasn’t a sanctuary at all.

Kim posed with elephants who were being abused for the purpose of a tourist attraction at what was an elephant park, not a sanctuary. A large number of people called Kim out on the inhumane practices she was supporting and participating in.

The Kardashian family is known for taking wild trips with their large clan. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and the family visited Bali.

The Kardashian sisters were looking to do some soul searching on the trip. While there was some of the usual sibling drama, it looked like they had quite an incredible experience.

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The pictures of the trip are stunning. It looks like even the littlest family members had a blast.

Kim enjoyed the trip so much that she decided to head back to Bali ahead of the episode airing. This time, she went with husband Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye seemed to enjoy their time in Bali. It appears the two wanted to go away for a weekend before the birth of their fourth child.

While Kim’s vacation photos are usually met with comments about FOMO, that wasn’t the case this time. A certain set of pictures led many to become enraged with the reality star.

Kim posted a set of throwback photos that show her and Kanye visiting a supposed elephant sanctuary. She captioned the photo, “Missing Bali! 🌿🐘 and the amazing elephant sanctuary.”

It wasn’t long until Kim’s comments were filled with angry fans and elephant advocates. The criticizers accused Kim of promoting acts of animal cruelty.

The responses to Kim’s photos were insane. She’s been asked by many to take down the photos, although she has yet to do so.

Even Kim’s biggest fans had a hard time justifying her actions. They believe that since she’s such a popular public figure, it’s her responsibility to do her research and not promote animal cruelty.

The place that Kim visited was Mason Adventures. The attraction boasts an “elephant park” that gives visitors the chance to take selfies and ride the elephants.

Kim was previously criticized for visiting the establishment. She rode an elephant and had her kids meet elephants during the family trip there in October.

She replied to criticism then by saying that she had, in fact, done her research. It’s increasingly apparent that is not the case.

Many people go to Asia hoping to see elephants. There are legitimate sanctuaries that allow you to interact with elephants in a safe and healthy manner. Hopefully Kim will realize the error of her ways and be more thoughtful about her actions in the future.