Kim Kardashian Slams News Headline Criticizing Her Mom Kris Jenner’s Body In Old Photos

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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If there’s anything the Kardashian-Jenner family isn’t, it’s quiet.

The five sisters — Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie — are never ones to sit in the background when something is happening around them, especially when it’s something they disagree with.

Just this week, Kendall Jenner hit back after bullies attacked her online for having acne at the Golden Globe Awards.

Now, it’s big sister Kim’s turn to slam the haters. And this time, it’s about something near and dear to all the sisters: their mom, Kris Jenner. Kris is not just their mom, she’s also their manager (or “momager”) and their biggest supporter.

Kim came across a tweet claiming that her mom used to be “chubby-faced” when she modeled as a 22-year-old.

Kim was outraged that they were body-shaming Kris by calling her chubby, so she fired back with a tweet of her own.

Find out what Kim had to say below!

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On January 9, 2018, Kim shared an article that called her mom “chubby-faced,” and she hit back.

She said, “Chubby really? That’s the headline? How about beautiful, youthful, stunning?!?!”

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There’s no question that Kris was stunningly beautiful as a young woman (and still is today).

Just look at this picture taken shortly after she had Kourtney.

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Kris was 24 when she had Kourtney, so these photos were taken just two years after her so-called “chubby-faced” pictures.

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The body-shaming article did get one thing right, though: she definitely looks like a model.

Even with two little ones running around in the picture above, Kris still looks youthful and glowing.

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When Kim tweeted that her mom had been called “chubby,” others chimed in that she looked perfectly beautiful!

One person wrote, “How is this chubby???”

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Another person wrote, “I’d be so upset if someone described my momma like that in a headline! Go Kim!”

It’s so great that Kim didn’t think twice before standing up for her mom.

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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being chubby, but it’s silly that the article decided to target Kris’ weight in the headline.

There are so many other things they could have written instead!

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Some people encouraged Kim to just ignore the media, but since her whole life is in the media, that’s not exactly possible.

“Kris has always been so stunning,” wrote a fan.

Some people who saw Kim’s tweet couldn’t get over how much Kris looks like her daughter.

In some pictures, she looks exactly like Kendall, and in others she’s a dead ringer for Kourtney!

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