Fans Are Convinced They’ve Figured Out Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s New Baby’s Name

by Angela Andaloro

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their fourth child. The couple are already parents to 5-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint, and 1-year-old Chicago.

Rumors that the fourth West baby was on the way began Monday. Kim shut down the rumors, saying that she was in New York City preparing for the Met Gala. If her surrogate was in labor, she explained, she wouldn’t be attending the event.

Later in the week, Kim was set to surprise Kris Jenner during an appearance on Ellen with Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney appeared with both her children and Kim’s kids. Kourtney then explained that Kim couldn’t be there because she had to run to the hospital.

She revealed to Kris live that Kim’s surrogate was in labor. Kim and Kanye welcomed their little boy on May 10, 2019. Fans have been waiting anxiously to hear what they decided to name the little one. As always, there are some theories that Kim has already dropped hints.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child, a baby boy, on May 10, 2019.

Kim announced the baby’s birth via Twitter on Friday. She said that the little boy looked a lot like 1-year-old Chicago.

Kim first confirmed that they were expecting their fourth child via surrogate on a January appearance of Watch What Happens Live. She also revealed that she and Kanye were expecting a baby boy.

Kim explained that she started spilling the beans after a few drinks at the Kardashian Christmas Eve party. She and Kanye took over the event from Kris for the first time.

Rumors began that Kim’s surrogate had gone into labor last Monday. Kim shut the rumors down, explaining that she was in New York City at the Met Gala and wouldn’t be there if her surrogate was in labor.

Kris Jenner appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. Kim and Kourtney were set to come out and surprise her, but Kim’s plans changed a bit.

Kourtney came out with her three children and Kim’s three kids. She then announced that Kim wasn’t there because her surrogate had gone into labor.

Kim celebrated baby No. 4 with a CBD-themed baby shower. She posted photos of it recently, and wrote:

“We celebrated our baby boy about a week ago and now he’s here! He’s so perfect! Here are some pics of my CBD baby shower. I was freaking out for nothing because he is the most calm and chill of all of my babies so far and everyone loves him so muchTeddy Bear on Apple iOS 12.2.”

Kim also tweeted about the shower. The emoji used in both posts — a teddy bear — are raising eyebrows.

Fans think that the emoji might be a hint about the little boy’s name. People have even tweeted at Kim asking if she named her fourth child “Bear.”

Other fans think that Kim may have named the little boy Teddy. Kim has yet to respond to any of these guesses.

Kim talked about baby names on an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in April. She discussed the possibility of naming her little boy after her brother, Rob Kardashian.

She explained her hesitance about going with that name: “But then it’s kind of like North, Saint, Chicago, Rob. It doesn’t really go, but I was really feeling that. And my brother approved it, so that’s like our one kind of name.”

Kim has said that she likes to get to know her babies before settling on a name, so it could be a while longer before we find out. Whatever Kim and Kanye decide on, we can’t wait to finally meet their new baby boy!