Transform Your Kid Into A Zombie For Halloween

by Anna Halkidis
Anna is a native New Yorker who loves concerts, travel, good coffee, and her Jack Russell terrier, Charlie. She’s a multimedia journalist who earned her master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Her true passion for telling stories keeps her inspired.

Many kids desire to have the spookiest costume as they go trick-or-treating on Halloween. It is the only time of the year when they won’t get in any trouble for scaring someone, after all.

While there are tons of masks that have that scare factor, they are rarely comfortable. That’s why it might not be such a bad idea to paint your kid’s face this year. (That’s if you’re not doing a whole family theme, of course.)

If you’re a busy parent, don’t worry! In the video below, Katie, from the YouTube channel Before And After TV, demonstrates how to transform your child into a creepy zombie for Halloween in just five minutes.

The best part? It’s so simple to do!

First, she applies white face paint all over the child’s face. This can be found at most Halloween stores, but just make sure your child’s skin isn’t sensitive to such a product.

Then she uses black eyeshadow (if you want it to last, try this one from Sephora) along with green mineral eyeshadow on the eyelids and below the eyes. She then highlights the cheek bones, the nose, and the forehead with the same two products. She also applies a black and green paint pot on the lips.

To make this costume look even more realistic, Katie rubs liquid black eyeliner to give the illusion of cracks on the face. (Make sure it’s not waterproof so that way it can come right off!)

Watch below and please SHARE this simple costume with all the parents you know – it’s so perfect for Halloween!

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