13 Kids Napping In The Most Impossible Places And Positions

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Napping is a truly beautiful thing.

There’s nothing quite like finding the time and the luxury to drift off to sleep on your couch in the middle of the day.

Kids can sometimes drift off to sleep in some of the strangest, most uncomfortable looking places and positions. Yet they go out like a light, peacefully dreaming while they are twisted into a pretzel or hanging off the side of a couch.

These 13 children have all managed to fall asleep in precarious locations.

While it’s perplexing and makes you wonder how they could possibly be cozy, it also makes you kind of jealous that you don’t get to nap when and wherever you want, too.

I mean, shouldn’t that be a thing? Naps all the time for everyone!

Have you ever caught children or grandchildren sleeping in strange places before?

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Oh, to be small enough to fit on a chair like this and blissfully nap.


grocery cart

Ok, OK, I can see how this could be calming. The gentle motion of the cart combined with the muffled announcements over the speaker make for a great nap environment.


other chair

That chair looks amazing, but this position is questionable.



The classic “legs crossed” napping position, of course.


so close

He was so close. So very close.



Seriously, he had one more shimmy to go to get to the comfy sofa, yet he chose this. I’ll never understand.



Honestly, this looks so super cozy, and I am extremely jealous that I am not napping in a makeshift sheet hammock underneath a table. This Reddit user claims his son made the hammock himself, though the knot does seem a little bit advanced.



Ah, yes, a loud rock concert while sitting in a hard plastic stadium seat seems like a wonderful opportunity for a nap.



I guess everyone else will just have to carefully skip that step for the time being.



If she’d just leaned the other way, she’d at least have had the door or window to lean on, right?


couch arm

Looks like this sleepy kid passed out in the middle of grasping for a toy. Boy, he really must have been tired!


bike ride

How can she possibly sleep with the world whizzing by her? Plus, she’s missing all the scenery!



These little twins really do everything together, even if it looks super uncomfortable.

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