Parents Run Outside When They Hear Gunshot To Find Kids Playing With Explosive ‘Pokéballs’

by Sneha Goud

Two children in Utah narrowly escaped danger this week after they found what looked like Pokéballs in their neighborhood.

The balls turned out to be explosive devices.

Eight year old Dahlia and six year old Darien were enjoying their summer vacation in their quiet cul-de-sac when they discovered the devices, which they thought were bouncing balls.

Parents Sonja and Jimmy Clinton were inside the house when they heard what sounded like gunshots. They ran outside and discovered their children holding and playing with the balls. Darien had thrown one of the balls, which immediately exploded.

Jimmy knew they had come across some kind of bomb when he saw the tennis balls wrapped in electrical tape. The family left the suspicious balls outside on the ground and called police.

The Davis County Bomb Squad in Clinton, Utah did not discover any more devices after a neighborhood sweep. They opened the found balls and discovered 200 match heads and a striker.

Sonja and Jimmy remain concerned about anything similar neighborhood children might find when they play outside. She said kids live in almost every house in their neighborhood and they all play outside in the summer.

“These balls were meant to look like Pokéballs for children,” Sonja said, referencing the balls from the Pokémon game.

Local police said the balls may have been made by teenagers throwing them around for fun.

If you find something that looks like it may be an explosive, don’t touch the object and call police immediately.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City.




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