These Kids Enjoying Their First-Ever Snow Day Will Warm Your Heart

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Jennifer met her husband while attending Bringham Young University in Provo, Utah. As many of us know, that means they were greeted by tons of snow every year. Growing up in Atlanta where they only saw snowflakes every now and then, she wasn’t exactly a huge fan of the harsh winters. So after they got married, the two moved to Austin to start their family.

Now with two adorable little kids, one son and one daughter, the family makes the occasional trip up back up north to visit her husband’s family. Usually scheduled in the summer, Jennifer doesn’t have to worry about pesky snow anymore. Unfortunately, this always meant disappointing her daughter who didn’t understand that there wouldn’t be flurries all year round! The cutie was just itching to see what the big deal about snow was for herself.

So last year, the family decided to take their trip over Thanksgiving to hopefully let their youngsters have fun in the fluffy powder. However, when they arrived… no snow. Determined to put a smile on her little girl’s face, Jennifer packed them into the car with plenty of warm layers to take them to Park City where they could at least enjoy the snow machines used for ski resorts.

Their reaction? Totally worth the wait! They both seemed a bit hesitant about how cold and wet it was at first, but soon they were having a blast! Her son’s shivers didn’t even stop him from begging to sled down the hill time and time again!

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