Mom’s Pregnant With A Girl, But Kids Have Opposite Reactions After Peering In Gender Reveal Box

13450830_110154399410670_3113127460534054861_n Nicole Cannizzaro

If you’re a parent and it’s time to add another child into your life, you’re most likely going to be filled with joy regardless of it’s a girl or a boy — as long as they’re healthy.

But, when your other children hear the news, sometimes they focus in on the only little things they can really wrap their heads around. Usually, one of those things happens to be the gender of the baby in mom’s belly.

So, when this family told their three kids that they were going to reveal the gender in a huge box with balloons stuck inside, all three of them were ecstatic.

But, with one boy and two girls already, they had a tiny bit of a divide.

As they ripped the wrapping paper off and proceeded to try and open the top of the box, the son of the family saw the balloons first — and they were pink!

That’s when mayhem broke loose, and the siblings revealed what they’d each been hoping for: even as he shouted, “Noo!” his two sisters shrieked with joy over the family’s newest addition.

He ends up throwing himself on the floor in disbelief, but I’m sure that when this baby arrives, he’ll be just as happy as his sisters. With three little sisters to look after,  he’s going to be one busy big brother.

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