Six Kids Get The Chance To Draw Their Dream Backyards And See Them Turned Into Reality

by Angela Andaloro

It’s not uncommon for adults to dream of transforming their space. Once in a while, we all get bitten by the home decor bug.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, we often lack imagination. After all, changing your backyard is a more challenging and often more expensive undertaking. Luckily, kids don’t get hung up on these details. Sometimes, their ideas are the most incredible ones because they know no bounds. That’s just the case when it comes to these backyard designs.

Angie’s List asked kids ages 4 to 10 from around the world to draw their dream backyards. Then the company got a team of masterful adults to turn some of those dreams into reality.

The kids’ designs look so fun and creative! Any of us would be lucky to hang out in these sweet spaces. They’re an amazing example of just how powerful the minds and imaginations of children can be.

creative kid

Your mind never feels quite as open and uninhibited as it does when you’re a child. It’s a beautiful experience as an adult to watch the children in your life let their imaginations expand. Their creations can be anything from funny to ingenious.

kids drawings

Angie’s List and NeoMam Studios have recognized how awesome young minds can be. They asked kids worldwide to draw their dream backyards, including a tree house, and then chose the designs of six kids, ages 4 to 10. Then they got the kids’ parents to ask them some questions to gain insight into their lives and the choices they made in their drawings. From there, adult graphic artists turned the drawings into CGI renderings.

dante dream backyard argentina angie's list

First was 4-year-old Dante from Argentina. Dante’s dream backyard is in a giant forest and has plenty of balls that he and his alien friend can play with. When they aren’t playing, the balls are stored in caves.

dante argentina dream backyard angie's list

Dante’s dream backyard also features two tree houses. In one, there’s a robot workshop with tons of pieces. The other is a place to eat, play, and relax that happens to be shaped like a Smurf’s head. A river connects the tree houses to the family house.

Next is 5-year-old Rafael’s dream backyard. The boy, who is from the Philippines, wants plenty of room to run around with his family and friends. There are also plenty of lollipops on deck for whenever he gets hungry.

Rafael has a lot of fun things to do in his dream backyard. Not only is there a red slide, but monkey bars as well. Instead of a tree house, he has a playhouse with a purple roof. He’s excited to share the space with his parents, three older brothers, and friends from school.

natalia dream backyard usa angie's list

American 6-year-old Natalia had some awesome ideas for her dream backyard. A magical river flows under her tree house, which is way up high. There’s a diving board and a waterslide, which mermaids play on when Natalia and her friends aren’t busy using them.

natalia's dream backyard usa angie's list

Speaking of friends, Natalia has a friend who can talk to animals, too! There are lots of animals around, like her pet unicorn, Lyria, and her garden full of butterflies. When they all get hungry, there are delicious snacks inside, like a Popsicle, french fries, tacos, corn on the cob, and zucchini casserole.

ilias greece angie's list dream backyard

Ilias from Greece created a dream backyard that he and his squirrel friend could enjoy. The 8-year-old is into having an active space, complete with swimming pool, climbing wall, and swings. He also has a sunbed, a bicycle, and a hammock.

ilias greece angie's list dream backyard

Ilias plans on entertaining a lot. He included a chess table to put his guests to the test. As for his tree house, it’s a traditional wooden tree house to encourage everyone to spend the most time playing outside.

Ten-year-old Harry from England is a car enthusiast who wants a race track wrapped around the garden for his toy cars. Ideally, he could throw cars onto the track from his playhouse. There’s a hatch that opens up so you can stargaze.

harry england angie's list dream backyard

In the backyard, there’s a pond with newts and frogs. There’s a shelter to observe the wildlife with foxes and badgers. If Harry tires out, there’s a bed and some toys back in the tree house when he’s ready to unwind.

viola ukraine angie's list dream backyard

Last but not least is 10-year-old Viola from Ukraine. Her tree house lives in an ancient oak tree. She hosts friends for tea parties in the tree house before heading outside for playing chess, playing ball, and rolling down the hill.

Viola also has a tent outside for hanging out with flashlights and telling stories and tales. When you hang out back there, chances are you’ll see a beautiful rainbow. There’s also a garden maze for endless entertainment.