12-Year-Old Politics Reporter Travels Across America To Show We’re Not As Divided As We Think

by Kelly Glass
Kelly Glass is a writer whose work focuses on the intersections of parenting, health, and pop culture. She lives in an Illinois college town with her educator husband, wildly ambitious sons, dog, and several fish. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Romper,, HelloGiggles,, What to Expect, and more.

He’s not your typical kid. During the 2016 elections, Phoenix Legg, now 12, liked watching the presidential debates.

He liked them so much, he convinced his dad to get an RV to travel the country and go to the debates together and talk to people. For his father, Matt Legg, the timing was good. They were just selling their apartment, and so dad went with the idea. Since then, the kid reporter and his dad have traveled to 44 states over thousands of miles together covering politics.

“I didn’t think a journey like this was ever in my future,” Matt said. “I don’t even enjoy politics.”

Like a loving dad, he cares about what his son cares about. Phoenix has always had a passion for people and figuring out how they tick. Politics was a natural progression of that interest. Phoenix has even met the president and members of Congress. His favorite interviews, however, have been the ones you’d least expect.

“It’s the everyday American, even more than even a high-up politician,” said Phoenix.

What he’s learned from these discussions is invaluable, and he hopes that other people hear the same message. “We’re not as divided as sometimes the media or people with a big voice push it as,” he said. “I wanted to help unite our country as a kid.”

You’ve got to hear this kid reporter put his interview skills to use. Watch the video below.

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