Pregnant Khloé Kardashian Discusses Traumatic First Trimester And How She Avoided Miscarriage

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Pregnancy is rarely a walk in the park. From cravings to swelling to painful contractions, there’s a lot that comes along with bringing new life into this world.

And mom-to-be Khloé Kardashian sure knows that well.

We might think of the Kardashians as having it all and never having to face a struggle in their lives, but in a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé revealed that her first trimester of pregnancy was anything but easy.

In fact, it was more of a nightmare.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Khloé quickly learned she wasn’t producing enough progesterone, a hormone that is essential in carrying a pregnancy to term.

The youngest Kardashian sister had to take progesterone supplement pills to prevent a miscarriage — but the pills had some detrimental side effects.

Khloé had to insert the pills vaginally, People reports. She said the whole process was “torture”  and admitted: “I just feel sick every night. I feel gross. I physically can barely walk.”

Khloé’s doctor told her that she quite literally “saved her pregnancy” by taking the pills. Still, the miscarriage scare made Khloé even more interested in keeping her pregnancy private for as long as possible.

During KUWTK, she added:

“This is one example why you don’t announce early. There’s a lot of complications. A lot of things could happen. I could’ve had a potential to miscarry. As soon as I get to my second trimester, I will have such relief, and that’s all I’m waiting for. ”

Now well past her first trimester, things are looking much better for the excited mom-to-be. These days, she’s thinking about exciting things like where she wants to give birth (Cleveland, where the father of her baby, Tristan Thompson, plays in the NBA) and consuming her placenta in pill form.

Although the Kardashians may not be the ultimate authority on pregnancy health, it’s so important that Khloé shares her story. With such a large platform, she has the ability to reach millions of people — and hopefully help other moms-to-be in the same situation.

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