Dad Wins Trip But Can’t Bring Wife And Daughter, Then Has The Worst Time Of His Life

by Kristin Avery
Kristin shares a Chicago home with a dog, a rabbit, two cats, a husband, and an 11-year-old daughter.

Have you ever been on a dream vacation, but something was missing? A once-in-a-lifetime trip that didn’t quite turn out the way you’d hoped, and instead you wished you could have a do-over? Most of us don’t get second chances to make things right.

In March, Kevin Blandford won a free trip to Puerto Rico. Sounds great, right? Only it wasn’t. Kevin didn’t have any fun because his wife and daughter weren’t able to join him.

Whether he was swimming in the pool or sipping sangria, he was miserable — and his pictures show it. He posted his unhappy photos on Reddit and they quickly went viral, with over 2 million views!

Last week Kevin returned to Puerto Rico on another trip, sponsored by the Puerto Rico Office of Tourism, but this time his wife and daughter joined him and they had a wonderful time!

He brought the same clothes and found the same locations from his first trip and re-took all the photos — except this time he was smiling!

Whether in the ocean, the casino, or the swimming pool, Kevin and his family look as happy as can be in the pictures.

Hurray for second chances! So happy Kevin was able to re-experience Puerto Rico with his wife and daughter. Hopefully all Kevin’s future vacations are happy and with his family!

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