Kendall Jenner Dishes On Her ‘Ugly’ Years And How She Almost Had A ‘Mental Breakdown’ Last Year

by Madison Vanderberg

The rest of the world can reflect on our youth with home videos and old photos, but Kendall Jenner and sister Kylie can remember their childhood by watching old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In a clip for the new season of the family’s reality show, Kendall watches old episodes of the show with her hairstylist Jen Atkin.

“You have to see this video,” Kendall tells her. “How ugly we were. Like the glow-up is actually super nuts.”

We have a hard time buying that Kendall or Kylie were ever “ugly” but rather that they were just children and looked like children. But it’s true that the Kardashian glow-up is something to behold.

Interestingly, Kendall begrudges her early years on the show and previously told People that her older sisters had normal, private childhoods — which is something she and Kylie never got to experience.

“They got to live their teen years in a very different way than we did,” Kendall told the magazine. “They lived it normally and then once they were already grown up, they went through what we are now going through. They even say to us: ‘If I was in your position, I would not be able to handle it.’”

This ultra-public childhood might be echoing into Kendall’s adult life, as the supermodel recently told Love magazine that she had to take a break from modeling because she “was on the verge of a mental breakdown.” Hopefully, Kendall finds the mental health glow-up to go alongside her glam one.

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