Brave Little 5-Year-Old With Just One Leg Fearlessly Climbs Up A Rock Wall With Ease

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

When little Kenasyn Bird was born, her mom almost immediately started calling her tiny daughter her ‘warrior baby.’

Kenasyn got an unusually rocky start in life because she was born with a few physical differences. Still, she has never let any challenge stand in her way!

Kenasyn is the youngest of five siblings. When her mom, Candi, was 25 weeks along, doctors realized that there seemed to be some unusual markers on Kenasyn’s ultrasound that she didn’t share with her three big sisters and big brother.

When she arrived, the maternity staff realized that Kenasyn had malformations of her leg and spine, among other problems. She was diagnosed with two rare conditions: caudal regression syndrome and tibial hememilia

From that moment on, Kensasyn was a little fighter, battling her way through surgery after surgery, including the amputation of her left leg.

Now, Kenasyn is nearly 5 years old, and she’s a true inspiration. She fights through medical challenges with a smile on her face.

Recently, her parents shared an incredible video of Kensasyn with her brand-new running blade prosthetic. In true warrior baby form, she is using it to fearlessly climb up a rock wall.

Clearly, nothing is going to stop this little fighter for long!

To learn more about Kenasyn’s journey, check out her Facebook page, Run Kenasyn, Run. You can also read her blog, 7 Birds in a Nest.

Watch the video below to see this awesome little girl in action, and don’t forget to SHARE her story!

Photo Credit: Facebook / Run Kenasyn, Run

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