Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest Have Joyous On-Air Reunion After 180 Days Apart

by Sarah Bregel
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Morning talk shows have been completely different in recent months. TV hosts have been largely broadcasting from the comforts of their own homes with animals, kids, and spouses hanging around and, sometimes, making appearances (both planned and unplanned) on air. It’s made for some interesting TV, that’s for sure. But as of this morning, we’re getting a little glimpse of normalcy. That’s because Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest finally reunited on the set of Live for the first in-person broadcast in months.

It definitely felt like a breath of fresh air, and the two hosts couldn’t have been more excited to be back in the studio. While they had to maintain more distance between one another than usual, a split screen helped them to appear as if they were sitting right next to each other. There was no live audience, but either way, it was great to see Kelly and Ryan back in action, recording the show from the same room.

It’s been months since we’ve seen Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest together, and we’ve been missing it so much! Of course, they’ve been doing the absolute best they can while recording from their separate homes, but the virtual broadcasts just aren’t the same. There are technology glitches and frequent delays that make for awkward pauses. The whole vibe just feels off.

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#TBT 2003 vs. 2020 *Objects may appear larger

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However, while the hosts have spent months getting adjusted to virtual broadcasting, now they’re getting used to recording in the studio again. Kelly pointed out how strange it feels to be back. She said, “It’s gonna be a minute, because we are used to shooting the show through a computer screen.”

Ryan totally agreed with her, saying, “When we started going through our computer screens at home, I got so used to it, I forgot how to do this.” Clearly, the hosts will need to do a little adjusting, but they’re incredibly talented professionals. After a few minutes, the show seemed to go off without a hitch, and they were back into their usual banter.

The pair did a bit of reminiscing, which makes sense given they’ve been apart for such a long time. Kelly said she’s been on the show for 20 seasons, though she admitted that “it feels much longer.” Ryan joined in May of 2017. Kelly says that since then, the time has really flown by — likely because the two have been having so much fun.

It’s pretty clear that Ryan and Kelly have a genuine friendship. It certainly doesn’t seem like they are acting in front of the camera. They even shared a few sweet moments this morning. At one point, Ryan said to Kelly, “I have missed you very much.”

The two also shared their joy on social media. Ryan celebrated the show returning to the studio with a photo of him and Kelly on Instagram. In it, you can tell they are sitting fairly far apart. “Back in studio with new seating charts. Shout-out to everyone working behind-the-scenes to keep us safe and healthy,” he wrote. “See you again tomorrow!”

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Guess who’s back in the studio today?

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Kelly also shared her own celebratory picture — a photo of her and Ryan in hazmat suits. “Guess who’s back in the studio today?” she wrote. They were definitely excited to be back, but no one could be more excited than us — the viewers!

It will be really interesting to see how the show plans to proceed, but they have announced that there will be celebrity guests. More than likely, it will be at a lower volume than normal, and of course there will be social distancing and safety protocols in place. But it’s really exciting to look forward to.

Some of the guests who have been announced are John Leguizamo, Jessica Alba, Jimmy Kimmel, new Dancing With the Stars host Tyra Banks, and Bethenny Frankel. The trivia game will take place, as usual. But the dancers usually featured on the show will be dancing from home instead.

It’s so great to have Kelly and Ryan back in action. It won’t feel completely normal until there is a packed audience in place, laughing at the hilarious pair’s antics. Still, it feels like a step in the right direction. Having them back together at last today was one piece of good news we sorely needed.