Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Get Emotional As They Send Daughter Lola Off To College

by Angela Andaloro

As the back-to-school season gets underway, parents all over the country are getting misty-eyed as they see their children off to the gates of higher education.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are among those parents. The couple saw their 18-year-old daughter, Lola, off to college at New York University. Kelly and Mark both shared a photo of Kelly hugging and kissing their girl goodbye. “The nest is getting roomy………💕,” Kelly captioned the shot. Mark wrote, “2 down… 1 to go…❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

It isn’t their first go at college drop-offs. Their older son, 22-year-old Michael, also attends New York University. With two kids out of the house, the couple has just 16-year-old Joaquin left at home.

Kelly and Mark have been emotionally gearing up for this moment for a while. The couple was quite teary as Lola went off to prom and graduated in the spring. They also joked about ruining their daughter’s 18th birthday when she walked in on them during an intimate moment.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are starting to get a look at their life as empty nesters. The couple still has 16-year-old Joaquin at home, but they’ve got one more kid flying the coop as 18-year-old Lola heads off to college.

Kelly and Mark took Lola to New York University, where she’s starting her freshman year. Her older brother, 22-year-old Michael, also attends the school. “The nest is getting roomy………💕,” Kelly captioned a photo of her hugging and kissing Lola.

“2 down… 1 to go…❤️❤️❤️❤️,” Mark captioned the same picture shared on his account. It’s a bittersweet moment for the family of five, but it’s one that they’ve been preparing for. All of the milestones that Lola has experienced have been met with a lot of emotion by Kelly and Mark.

Kelly’s been posting the sweetest throwback photos of the family since the spring. She’s been reminiscing on family vacations and other special moments they’ve shared together as she prepares for another big shift in the family.

Kelly has also shared some lovely pictures of Lola’s latest milestones. The teenager looked a lot like her mother with her dazzling smile on prom night in a stunning figure-hugging green gown.

Lola even manages to make a graduation gown look like high fashion. The family was all smiles as they celebrated the special moment together. “The Graduate 🎓 #2019,” Kelly captioned the beautiful family portrait.

Kelly and Mark seemed to have had a going-away party for Lola before her big move. In a humorous shot shared by Kelly, Lola and her boyfriend pose on a picturesque evening as her grandfather makes his way into the background of the picture.

The very last throwback before Lola moved over to NYU was a major tearjerker. Kelly shared a photo of her and Mark holding Lola at her christening in 2001. “#tbt 2001 from your Christening to college. In the blink of an eye. I’m not crying. You’re crying 😢 (actually Daddy’s sobbing) 😭,” she captioned the photo.

Kelly spoke earlier this year about how things have changed for her family now that all her kids are older. “I can say, 100 percent, my schedule is easier now,” she told The Cut. “There was a 15-year period where I went to work and then I’d head right to my kids’ school or a sporting event or made sure I was at the concert.”

Kelly also said that with her newfound freedom, she might explore different opportunities that lie in wait for her. “Now that I’ve got one kid that’s almost done with college, one that’s going into college, and one that is halfway through his sophomore year of high school, I have a lot more time to free me up to do other projects,” she noted. “Maybe start acting again, who knows.”

She did recall one sweet bonding moment that she’ll miss from having a house full of kids. “Lately we’ve had this bizarre routine of watching Hoarders. It used to be on A&E but the kids found it on Netflix. They’ll climb into bed with me and we watch a couple episodes,” she revealed.

Luckily, Kelly doesn’t have to worry about getting too lonely. She’s got a lot of famous friends ready to spend time with her. Anderson Cooper jokingly commented on the photo from Lola’s send-off, “I will happily move in.”

She’s also got a lot of friends going through the same kind of thing. Lisa Rinna also commented on the photo with “😭😭😭😭😭😭.” She just dropped her youngest, 18-year-old Amelia, off at college as well.

There’s a lot of changes coming Kelly and Mark’s way as their nest becomes emptier. In just two years, they will be kid-free, but the fun-loving couple will surely find a way to make the best of it while still keeping their close ties with their kids.