Kelly Ripa Credits Her Daughter Lola With Teaching Her What It Means To Be A ‘Modern-Day Woman’

by Angela Andaloro

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos grace the cover of People magazine‘s inaugural family issue. The couple has been married for 24 years.

They share three beautiful children, 23-year-old Michael, 19-year-old Lola, and 17-year-old Joaquin.

Kelly and Mark opened up about how their parenting style has gotten better with age. “I think I had definitive ideas about raising girls versus raising boys, even though I don’t really believe in gender stereotyping,” Kelly reflected.

“My sons are just as sensitive as my daughter, and my daughter is as strong as my sons.”

Kelly is amazed at how much she’s learned from Lola as she’s come into adulthood.

Particularly, Kelly noted how Lola has taught her about being a “modern-day woman.”

“It really gives me hope — her generation really supports each other, the way she and her friends have each other’s backs,” Kelly said.

“For all the talk about women helping other women, I see it in her generation in a way I never have before.”

Mark admitted that he thought he’d be the kind of girl dad who never let his daughter out of his sight. He grew to discover the opposite. “As overprotective as I thought I would be when she was born and I was holding her in my arms, I’ve mellowed a bit,” he noted. “Because I’m really aware of what a good head on her shoulders she has.”

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