Woman Is Baffled When Fewer Men Ask Her Out Despite Dropping 140 Pounds

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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At 330 pounds, Kelly Glover never struggled to find a date.

Men constantly asked Kelly out. She couldn’t go to the gym or supermarket without getting hit on.

She even had guys chase her down the street just to get a chance to talk to her.

When Kelly started to lose weight, she noticed something strange, though. With every pound she lost, fewer and fewer guys talked to her.

Now, Kelly has lost 140 pounds, but has apparently also lost a lot of potential suitors. Kelly is a size 18 and still considers herself “fabulously fat,” but she doesn’t understand why nobody asks her out anymore.

Confused by the situation, Kelly turned to a close guy friend to get his take on what was going on.

His response definitely clarified some things for Kelly, but it also made her frustrated.

Read more about what her guy friend had to say below — and why it made Kelly so mad.

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kelly weight loss

When Kelly was 330 pounds, she had no problem getting dates.

Now 140 pounds thinner, she doesn’t get asked out as much.

kelly pink

Kelly feels confident without the attention of men, but she was pretty confused when her dates dried up after losing weight.

Society says that thinner people are more beautiful, so Kelly assumed that losing weight would make her more conventionally “attractive.”

Now, she’s doubting everything she thought she knew about weight and society’s perception of her.

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Instead of just wondering about it forever, Kelly decided to get the opinion of a guy friend.

date me
Kelly Glover

“Why doesn’t anyone want to date me now I’ve lost 140lbs?” she messaged. “Asking because you are a guy and you tell the truth.”

Her friend quickly responded, explaining that men are more confident hitting on “fat chicks.”

date advice
Kelly Glover

When women are thinner and more conventionally “attractive,” men are more intimidated.

“They feel like there is less chance of rejection so they are more bold,” he explained.

Kelly Glover

For Kelly, this was an “aha” moment. She finally realized it wasn’t about her weight at all. It was about men’s confidence!

When men see Kelly now, they worry she’ll reject them, so they don’t even try to hit on her. Before, they assumed she’d say yes to a date because of her weight.

kelly denim

Kelly was immediately reminded of the “fat chicks are easy” myth, which is the idea that larger women will take any dates they can get because they don’t have any self confidence.

Obviously, it’s exactly that: a myth.

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Kelly thinks the idea that heavier women are “easier” is “complete bullsh*t.”

Now, she’s going to take the reigns on her dating life instead of letting men be in control.

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After this experience, Kelly decided to embark on “50 Fat Dates,” which she chronicles on her website.

Anytime a woman decides to take control of any aspect of her life, it’s something to celebrate. Congrats, Kelly!

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