Fans Think That This Bad Habit Of Kelly Clarkson’s Makes Her ‘Annoying’ On ‘The Voice’

by Angela Andaloro

Kelly Clarkson is unapologetically herself. The Southern tomboy and mom of two lets her personality shine at all times, whether it’s onstage, on her new talk show, or while she’s coaching on The Voice.

Fans of the singing competition show have been taking fault with Kelly this season, however. They think the 37-year-old needs to pipe down a little bit.

“I used to think Kelly Clarkson was awesome. Watching The Voice makes me think she’s the most annoying human on the planet. Seconded by myself, of course,” a fan tweeted during the premiere episode of season 17. Kelly has been a coach on the show since season 14, winning her first two seasons.

Many fans were irritated by the fact that Kelly could be heard making commentary during the singers’ performances.

“She’s annoying! Stop talking over everyone and especially shhhh when someone is singing. I changed it. She gives me anxiety,” tweeted another fan.

Fans are wondering whether Kelly is trying to garner more attention for herself. They also have contemplated whether she’s trying to fill former coach Adam Levine‘s shoes by bickering with Blake Shelton. “#TheVoice If I have to listen to @kellyclarkson trashing @blakeshelton all season then I’m not watching…she needs anew storyline,” noted one fan.

Not everyone is displeased with Kelly, however. Many people appreciate the energy she brings to the show. “Wasn’t sure how #TheVoice would be without my favorite Adam and Blake banter but really it’s @kellyclarkson’s banter that wins EVERYTHING,” one fan remarked.

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