People Think It’s Keith Richards Until She Takes Off Makeup And Reveals She’s An Artist

by Emerald Pellot
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Anyone who takes a glance at this video will think Keith Richards suddenly got a Youtube account. However, the iconic rock ‘n’ roller’s face is actually a disguise.

Underneath is Italian portrait painter and makeup artist Lucia Pittalis. The 43-year-old uses her incredible skills to transform herself into famous folk.

She doesn’t rely on prosthetics or camera tricks; it’s all just makeup and a thoughtful hand.

“My friends went mad for it in my pictures and outside on Halloween night. It was just a bit of fun with friends,” Lucia told Dailymail about the inspiration behind the transformations.

She studied art for two years before becoming a makeup artist. Now she is able to combine both skills with her breathtaking costumes.

Lucia is able to become anyone, male or female, including stars like Iggy Pop, Sylvester Stallone, Marlon Brando, Keith Richards, Queen Elizabeth II, and Johnny Depp.

“Because I love them,” she explained. “I follow their movies and their music.”

It can take up to five hours to complete a look — that’s real dedication!

“I watch and study the character’s photos and videos, and try to catch their expression as much as I can while watching myself in the mirror. Then I start with makeup,” the artist added.

Lucia has amassed a massive Instagram following in the tens of thousands. Sometimes, she goes out in her makeup to the surprise of stunned passersby.

“People are in total amazement,” she said.

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