Mom Tries To Get Pregnant For 4 Years Before Doctor Looks At Ultrasound And Sees Quadruplets

by Lindsey Smith
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Kayla Flockhart Green and Kenny Green were so excited to start a family after they got married more than five years ago. When they began trying to conceive a year after marriage, however, they discovered it was seemingly impossible for them to have a baby.

“I wouldn’t wish infertility on my worst enemy,” Kayla wrote in an intimate Facebook post about their infertility.

Not only did they struggle with infertility, they also found out they’d been pregnant once before, but they sadly lost the baby in a miscarriage.

“I experienced signs of miscarriage and feared the worst. I was reading all kinds of stuff on Google and knew something wasn’t right,” she wrote. “I went back to the doctor and found out later that evening that I did, in fact, have a miscarriage and that my levels didn’t increase like they were supposed to.”

But the couple knew that they were destined to be parents and continued to try for a baby.

Then, on February 14, 2018, they found out they weren’t only pregnant with one baby, but four! Keep scrolling to learn about Kayla and Kenny’s journey to parenthood.

Photos: Kayla Flockhart Green and Kenny Green

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Kayla Flockhart Green and Kenny Green have always wanted a family and began trying for a baby after being married for a year.

“I assumed I would have no problem getting pregnant since my mom has six kids,” Kayla wrote on Facebook. “I thought it would be easy and I would be able to get pregnant whenever I wanted.”

Sadly, Kayla found out she had polycystic ovary syndrome, which was making it difficult to conceive.

She and her husband did not give up, and for the next four years, they tried everything to get pregnant.

“We have experienced unbearable, exhausting pain as we battled infertility and even a miscarriage,” the couple wrote on Facebook. “Desiring to have kids but not being able too [sic] was a true challenge to our faith.”

On February 14, 2018, the couple received some amazing news: They were pregnant!

However, Kayla and Kenny weren’t expecting just one child, they were going to have four babies!

“Today we announced that God has blessed us with quadruplets. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT (QUADS) Kayla is 11 weeks pregnant today and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all that God has done throughout our journey of infertility,” the dad-to-be wrote.

Kenny and Kayla are beyond excited to finally extend their family by four and credit their faith in God for everything working out.

“We know what’s it’s like to see God pick us up when we were down and felt like giving up and we also know what it’s like to see God do more than we could ever possibly imagine,” they wrote online.

The expectant parents decided to take a few adorable photos to announce the news.

They strung four white onesies together and painted a red heart on each one. It almost seems like fate that they should receive the news on a holiday that’s all about love!

The couple felt like it might be impossible to have kids, but they never gave up and said they trusted God would deliver at least one baby to them.

“We were praying for one and believing God for ONE,” they wrote. “God gave us a baby for every year of infertility that we experienced.”

For Kayla and Kenny, each of their babies is a miracle, and they know just how lucky they are to become parents to quadruplets.

Kayla opened up on Facebook about going to the doctor and seeing her ultrasound for the very first time.

She explained:

We went in for our first ultrasound when I was six weeks. We were nervous but more excited than anything. I remember laying there scared to death just ready to see a baby. Well let me just tell you… I did not just see a baby. Didn’t just see two babies. Not even three. But we saw four babies on that screen. Yes four!

“Although we didn’t have to wait over 90 years it did feel like it at times. For four years we have hoped against hope,” Kenny said. “We believed that God COULD even though our circumstances said it never WOULD. It was painful it was confusing and at times overwhelming, however, it gave our faith the fight it needed to grow and become stronger.”

Showing just how loving and compassionate they are, the couple even sent out support to other couples who are still trying to conceive. At the end of their announcement, they wrote a beautiful message of hope for others who have gone through the same thing.

They said:

Don’t give up, keep hoping against hope. God has an incredible plan for you and your spouse and trusting in His plan regardless of circumstances is what pulled us through everyday [sic] and it will you too.

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