2 Kayakers Spot Feathery Mess Caught In A Fishing Lure, Then Realize It’s A Pelican

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

It’s so important to be mindful of what we leave behind in the environment.

Sure there’s a lot of Earth out there, but our litter and environmental mistreatment adds up and can hurt a lot of plants and animals if we’re not careful.

This is especially true for the beaches around the world because wild animals and humans end up interacting in their oceans.

And if we aren’t mindful about picking up our garbage, taking all our equipment with us, or even filling up holes that we’ve dug, some poor innocent animals can get stuck, tangled, and end up dying.

Two kayakers found this out recently when they happened upon a pelican stuck in a fishing lure on the coast of Florida.

The poor bird was hopelessly tangled with its foot and its wing furiously fused together by the net.

Fortunately two kayakers had a pair of pliers and carefully set about getting the big bird untangled.

It took time and precision to make sure they didn’t hurt the feathery guy, but they eventually got him out and able to freely float on the water.

Fortunately, the pelican was found, but to better ensure that animals don’t get stuck like this in the first place, it’s important to pick up after ourselves and be mindful of what we leave in nature.

Check down below to watch the harrowing pelican rescue.

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