Kayakers Saves A Helpless Sea Turtle Tangled In Fishing Line

by Anna Halkidis
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It’s all too common for us humans to simply throw waste on the floor instead of a garbage can. This, however, is more than harmful to the animals around us, especially sea creatures.

We’ve seen small marine animals get caught in plastic waste, including the leatherback sea turtle rescued by an off-duty police officer. And even big animals like whales aren’t exempt from the threat.

Below is yet another reason why we need to be more careful with our plastic trash. A kayaker was recorded saving a sea turtle trapped in fishing line in Gran Canaria, Spain. And wait til you see what he does once he rescues the precious little turtle.

The Weather Channel shared the incredible video on its Facebook page and it had more than 13 million views in just a few days.

“Thank you, thank you! It really upsets me how irresponsible some people are! I wish there were hefty fines for littering our waterways and most of all, a way to enforce it!!” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “A human taking responsibility and initiative towards the care of a animal in distress is amazing. It would be more amazing if the person who left that fishing net did the same.”

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Kayakers Rescue Sea Turtle

The creature was tangled in a lot of line.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Monday, March 28, 2016