Kathleen Jenkins Nails Her Audition For ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Despite Her Nerves

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

I remember the first time I stepped on stage. I was in second grade and had the honor of portraying one of our finest First Ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt, for the President’s Day pageant.

My role required a short speech in front of the whole school, listing Mrs. Roosevelt’s many groundbreaking achievements by her husband’s side. It wasn’t especially difficult, but I was still full of nerves as I stepped up to the mic. After making a blunder during one of our rehearsals, I was particularly on edge.

Though I was able to get through the show without any hiccups, that turned out to be my first and last time on stage. Despite her own anxieties, however, I have a feeling singer Kathleen Jenkins is just beginning to show the world how bright her star can shine.

The timid young woman traveled with her husband and father from their home in South Wales to audition for the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. Just like little Beau Dermott, who stunned Simon Cowell and company with her rendition of “Defying Gravity,” Jenkins pushed right past the butterflies flickering in her stomach.

With her family rooting for her in the crowd, her dad is so bursting with pride that he tears up before she can even sing a note. When she begins the old Rolling Stones hit, “Wild Horses,” it’s clear by the judges faces that they weren’t expecting to hear anything quite like this. Cowell even goes so far as to say it’s what he had been waiting to hear all day!

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