Kathie Lee Gifford Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Mom Just Hours After Her Death

by Grace Eire
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On September 12, 2017, Joan Eptsein passed away at the age of 87.

Joannie, Kathie Lee Gifford’s beloved mother, was known as a strong woman with a big personality.

Kathie Lee took to Twitter to announce the passing of her mom. Above anything else, the message was filled with love and gratitude for the time that she shared with her mother on this earth. It was also thankful for the promise of a reunion for Joannie and Aaron Epstein, her husband, who passed in 2002.

“My precious mother, JOANNIE went home to JESUS & my DADDY this morning. We praise God for His promise of eternal life & we thank God for her,” Kathie Lee tweeted out to the world.

Joannie raised Kathy Lee and her other two children, David and Michelle, to be independent and caring people. Her legacy will live on through them, as well as her six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

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In an article from 2016 in Today, Kathie Lee said of her mother, “It can be ten days of rain, and she’ll say, ‘You know, I like a rainy day. It slows you down.’”

It was that kind of attitude that made Kathie Lee into the person that she is today, and she is eternally grateful for everything Joannie gave to her.


Kathie Lee tweeted this short but heartwarming announcement on September 12, 2017 to remember her positive presence.


Strangers and fellow TV personalities alike have been showering Kathie Lee with their condolences and love since the tweet went up. She’s clearly very loved, and so was Joannie.


“Jesus & Pop Pop are much cooler, anyhow and I know they’re both smiling now that they have you back… so until we meet again, love you to heaven, Cuddles,” Joannie’s granddaughter, Cassidy, posted on Instagram.

By the time Joannie had been 15 years old, her mother, brother, father, and grandmother had all passed on, but that didn’t keep her from persevering and raising a big family of her own.

Hoda, Kathy Lee’s Today cohost, shared this sweet photo with the caption, “We will miss you sweet Joannie xoxoxo.”

Joannie had a big personality that no fan will forget, and they’re all making sure that Kathie Lee and others who were close to her mother know it.


Kathie Lee is now surrounded by fun-loving, kind people, and that’s ultimately a result of all the freedom and encouragement that her mother and father gave her when she was younger. Kathie Lee left the house at 17 to pursue her career, and Joannie was all for it.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Joannie will be loved and remembered by so many.

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