Kate Winslet Delivers Inspiring Speech About Believing In Yourself To Young Women

by Angela Cook
Angela is a writer from New York City who loves existential conversation, songwriting, and practicing yoga. She graduated from the City College Of New York with a focus in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's degree in English. She believes that every art-form has the ability to inspire and influence, and plans to accomplish that within her writing.

Earlier this year, Kate Winslet won an award at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.

But that’s not all she did at the awards ceremony.

After receiving her award for best actress for the movie Steve Jobs, she delivered the most inspiring speech—a speech that really couldn’t have been delivered any better.

Not only is she an amazing actress but she’s a beautiful human being. Winslet dedicated her award to all young women across the world who doubt themselves. She recalled a story from when she was 14 years of age and her drama teacher told her that she might do okay if she was happy to settle for “fat girl” parts.

Years later, she stands in front of a press room and the entire internet, and holds her award proudly and states, “Look at me now!”

This just goes to show that your inner drive is more important than any of the negative critiques strangers might tell you. It’s women like Kate Winslet that make this world a beautiful place and inspire our youth to not settle but rather listen to their own intuition. Winslet also states that she didn’t listen but rather kept going after what she wanted to do.

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