Kate Middleton Didn’t Go To Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower In New York, But Not Due To Their ‘Feud’

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Meghan Markle enjoyed a baby shower in New York back in late February, and guess who didn’t go? Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Sussex’s baby shower was an impressive affair. Her pal Serena Williams hosted it (no big deal!), and two of her BFFs, Jessica Mulroney and Genevieve Hillis, coordinated the event planning. Meghan’s closest friends were all in attendance. They brought piles and piles of gifts — which, adorably enough, Meghan waited to open until she could be with Harry.

“A good time was had by all, that’s what I’ll say,” Gayle King, who also attended the party, said on CBS This Morning.

But Meghan’s sister-in-law — Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge — wasn’t at the baby shower. Instead, she was on a ski vacation with her husband and three kids. How could she skip out? What gives?!

Well, despite all the rumors of a supposed “feud” between the two duchesses, there is no need to panic. Kate was reportedly absent for a perfectly good reason.

meghan markle baby shower

For months, rumors have been swirling that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are feuding and/or don’t get along with each other. Kensington Palace attempted to put a stop to the reports — and it’s hard to imagine these two friendly, smiley women actually hating each other — but nevertheless, the rumors persist.

meghan markle baby shower

With all eyes on the two duchesses, simple things like whether or not they attend each other’s parties carry a whole new meaning.

In early January, Kate celebrated her birthday with two low-key parties. Meghan didn’t attend either one.

It turned out to be the result of scheduling conflicts, not a ~feud~. Also, sources explained that while Meghan and Kate definitely aren’t feuding, they also aren’t super close and have different interests and friend circles. Which is very normal! They’re sisters-in-law, not besties.

Nonetheless, now that Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting their first baby, there’s a whole new set of parties to speculate about.

In late February, Meghan celebrated her baby shower in New York with her closest friends.

meghan markle baby shower

It was a star-studded affair. Some of Meghan’s closest friends, like Jessica Mulroney and Abigail Spencer, attended with gifts in tow. Other celebrities, like Amal Clooney and Serena Williams, were also spotted at the shower, which was held at a hotel.

meghan markle baby shower

Guess who wasn’t there? Kate Middleton.


meghan markle baby shower

Kate’s children were on vacation in England that week, so the entire family went on a ski vacation rather than attend Meghan’s shower.

But this is really not all that big a deal.

meghan markle baby shower

First of all, Meghan is expected to have a second baby shower in the UK after her official trip to Morocco. It obviously makes more sense for Kate to attend the party on her side of the pond.

meghan markle baby shower

Also, Meghan’s mother wasn’t even at the baby shower, and those two are absolutely not feuding. So perhaps this event was more of a friend affair than a family one.

meghan markle baby shower

In any case, Kate’s and Meghan’s kids will soon be cousins. Meghan revealed recently that her due date is in April.

meghan markle baby shower

That means springtime will be a busy birthday season for the royal family. Prince Louis’ birthday is on April 23, while Princess Charlotte’s birthday is on May 2.

meghan markle baby shower

Fans don’t yet know much else about the baby, though. Of course, people have been speculating about the child and couldn’t help but notice that several blue gifts showed up at the shower. However, Meghan and Harry reportedly don’t even know the baby’s gender themselves. They want it to be a surprise!

meghan markle baby shower

Meghan’s whole family, royal and nonroyal, is ecstatic over the upcoming new addition to the family. Mom Doria said she was “very happy about this lovely news and looking forward to welcoming her first grandchild.” The Queen is likely just as thrilled.

Whatever the gender, the new baby will be seventh in line to the throne. Only a few weeks left!