Kate Middleton Accused Of ‘One-Upping’ Meghan Markle By Posting New Family Photos On Same Day

by Kim Wong-Shing
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In case you thought the Meghan Markle/Kate Middleton feud rumors were finally over, here are some new hilariously far-fetched reports!

Meghan and Prince Harry celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Sunday. They shared a set of never-before-seen photos from their big day to mark the occasion, featuring intimate moments with the bride and groom before and after the ceremony.

Later that same evening, Kate and Prince William shared three new photos of their own family exploring in Kate’s new Chelsea Flower Show garden. The garden happened to launch on the same day as the Sussexes’ wedding anniversary, hence the same-day photos.

Somehow, certain royal fans have spun this very innocuous series of events into yet another example of the duchesses supposedly “feuding” with each other. They claim that Kate was trying to one-up Meghan by posting sweet family photos on the same day, which… is a stretch of the imagination.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s “feud” goes way back to the days of Meghan’s wedding, which is funny because the Sussexes just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and the rumors are STILL relentless.

Supposedly, this feud got started when Meghan and Kate got into a disagreement during preparations for the wedding.

Sources claimed that Meghan had been rude to Kate’s staff, leaving the Duchess of Cambridge in tears.

Kensington Palace stepped in to debunk the story, stating simply, “This never happened.”

But the rumors have never really stopped in the months since. Every tiny possible slight is perceived by royal fans as further evidence of this massive ongoing feud.

Meghan doesn’t go to Kate’s birthday party? FEUD. Kate doesn’t attend Meghan’s baby shower in New York? FEUD. Meghan and Kate momentarily stand 2.5 inches further apart than royal fans deem appropriate? FEUD.

There are many good reasons why the feud rumors are likely not true. The two duchesses aren’t actually in competition with each other for anything, including the throne.

Also, do people even have feuds in real life? This is not Game of Thrones.

But people seemingly love a nice royal feud story. There are also reports of a feud between Harry and William, as well as a feud between Kate and longtime friend Rose Hanbury, which is a whole other can of worms.

The royal family has seemingly done their best to make it clear that they are on good terms but also have their own lives, like any family. They talk and laugh at official events, and they leave friendly comments on each other’s Instagram pages.

But there are some speculations that you just can’t control or predict.

For example: Meghan and Kate are at the center of feud reports once again because they both posted intimate family photos on Instagram on the same day. Who would’ve seen that coming?!

Meghan and Harry posted a video reel with several unseen photos from their wedding day. The pictures are intimate and candid, and they feature Prince William, Prince Charles, and Meghan’s mom Doria.

Royal fans immediately noticed that Kate wasn’t present in any of the photos, so the feud rumors began there. Kate’s nanny and children were present in the photos.

Then, later that day, Kate and William posted their own set of family photos on their Instagram page. The photos show them with their three children, exploring the public garden that Kate just launched.

Kate is now being accused of trying to outdo her “royal rival.” With cute family photos. What an adorable rivalry!

“It was a case of anything you can do, we can do better,” a royal watcher told Express.

Other sources report that the two households keep clashing with each other’s publicity schedules due to a lack of coordination.

“Our diary planning could be better,” a source told Express.

Will these feud rumors ever cease? For all our sakes, hopefully.