The Way Kate Middleton Watches Her Kids’ Faces Says A Lot About Her As A Mom According To Expert

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Kate Middleton may be a duchess, but she’s first and foremost a mom!

While many of us have never doubted that she takes great care of her kids and is always concerned about their happiness, body language experts have confirmed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte (and her soon-to-be son or daughter) are Kate’s number one priority.

Body language experts spoke to about Kate’s behavior and what it says about her as a mom.

One expert, Patti Wood, noted that Kate’s eyes are always locked on her children, and not on the cameras or photographers. According to Patti, it’s her way of communicating that the moment they are sharing is about family. She also doesn’t let the public nature of the family’s outings get in the way: Both she and William smile widely when looking at their children.

Blanca Cobb, another expert added that Kate will often lean back or bend down to her kids’ level, searching their faces for traces of discomfort or anxiety. Basically, she’s always trying to make sure they’re OK!

Patti added that Kate can often be seen holding one of her children, wrapping her hands loosely around their legs. According to, this means that she’s giving them space to explore.

Finally, it’s common to see Kate laugh and play with her kids, even in front of the cameras. “Time and time again, Kate proves that her focus is on her children — not anyone else,” Patti told the magazine.

Watch the video below to see how body language experts analyzed Kate’s behavior after William was caught partying on a ski trip!

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