Kate Hudson And Gwyneth Paltrow Sound Off On Their Best And Worst On-Screen Kisses

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

Even adult actors must have a hard time when it comes to a love scene. Sometimes, their costar can try to play tricks on them when it comes to kissing.

Other times, the experience just isn’t all that good. Perhaps their characters have a ton of chemistry on-screen, but the two romantic leads don’t see each other in that way. No matter what the situation, you never forget a good kiss. Or a bad kiss.

Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow have had their fair share of on-screen kisses. And they’re not afraid to kiss and tell. Luckily, they were kind. Some of their worst kisses happened not because of the person but due to their prior relationship.

For example, Gwyneth admitted that it was tough to kiss Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man movies because the two get along more like family members.

Gwyneth and Kate have a term they use for an instance like this — “brother energy.” It’s something many people can understand. While on set, sometimes the chemistry you have with someone just isn’t romantic.

“With Robert, like when I kissed him and I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,'” Gwyneth admitted on The Goop Podcast, per People magazine. “This is literally like kissing my brother.”

Kate could relate with one situation — well, sort of. When asked if she felt brotherly vibes with anyone, she said her on-screen kisses with Matthew McConaughey “can be a little sibling-y at times, but no.” Still, there’s some oddness when it comes to Matthew that she had to spill.

“The thing is, every time I kiss McConaughey, it’s like, I mean, it’s like there’s just something happening and there’s like snot or wind, or things are just … like when we were kissing in the end of Fool’s Gold, we’re like in the ocean, we like had the plane crash,” she said while laughing. “He just had snot all over his face.”

When first asked about her best kiss? Kate didn’t bring too much to the table. “You know, I feel like I kind of haven’t had the best kissers,” she said. “I feel like I should have had better ones.” But then one person in particular did come to mind. She may have just forgotten about it at first, as the kiss in question didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie.

“You know who was a good kisser, but you didn’t see it, cause they cut it out? Was Billy [Crudup],” she said. “Billy was good. That was good.” The two starred in the movie Almost Famous, which just celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Billy and Kate also recently reunited to celebrate, which may be why he suddenly came to mind.

With topics like this, it’d make sense for Gwyneth to push the envelope a little bit. “Is there a famous person that you’ve had a thing with that the world does not know about?” she asked Kate. And without fail, Kate admitted that there had definitely been some relationships that fell under the radar.

“Oh yeah,” she said while laughing. “What do you mean? Yeah. Doesn’t everybody? If they said no, they’re lying. Come on … It’s amazing the things you do get away with.” However, Kate failed to name names — and that could be since she’s blissfully content with her current romantic situation.

Kate has been happily dating Danny Fujikawa publicly since 2017. However, Us Weekly states they first started their relationship in December of 2016. Before dating, Kate and Danny were good friends. “The first time I met Danny I was 23 and enormously pregnant with Ryder,” she admits. “His step sisters are my best friends @sarafoster @erinfoster and so it goes we have been in the same circle for over a decade!”

Based on how close they were, Danny was reportedly reluctant to make a first move. “A year ago today Danny took me on a hike and what I thought was just a hike with a family friend turned very quickly into an unexpected first date,” Kate had written on Instagram. “No moves were made on this first date. In fact, it took months for him to make a first move! And as a kiss on this bridge would have been nice, the kiss a year later was so much sweeter.”

In October 2018, Kate gave birth to her first girl, as well as the first child between the two of them. She has two sons with her exes — Ryder Robinson with ex Chris Robinson, who is the lead singer of the Black Crowes, and Bingham Bellamy with ex Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of the band Muse. Kate has never hidden the fact that she has a thing for musicians.

Her daughter, Rani Rose, was named after Ron Fujikawa, who’s Rani’s grandfather. “Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly,” Kate said, after announcing the baby’s arrival. “To name her after him is an honor. Everyone is doing well and happy as can be.”

Kate also admitted in the podcast that she thinks that much of her man trouble may stem from a rough relationship with her own father. “Bill, my dad, bless him and I love him dearly, but I needed him and I didn’t have him,” she admits. “I was lucky enough to have Kurt, but that absence and how it manifested in me, that loss or that neglect, sort of manifested through my relationships or the things that I needed validated.”

While Kate’s honesty throughout the podcast was refreshing, it’d be interesting to hear how Matthew McConaughey felt about the diss. Aside from 2008’s Fool’s Gold, the two starred together for the first time in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. So hopefully, the two are friendly enough for Matthew to brush that comment off.

Plus, he’s happily settled. Matthew married his wife Camila Alves in 2012, and much like Kate, they have two sons and a daughter — Levi, Vida, and Livingston. Fatherhood was always something that Matthew couldn’t wait for. “The only thing I’ve ever known I’ve wanted to be since I was eight years old, 100 percent knew it, clear, natural law, was to be a dad,” he told HuffPost.

The most important thing is that right now, everyone seems content. Even if her on-screen kisses have been mostly dismal, Kate is more than happy with her life and her partner. “When you really love life, you just kind of want to hang onto it for as long as you can, and I really like this life,” she told AOL. “I’d like to stretch it out for as long as I can and be working at my optimum for as much of it as possible.”