Kate Hudson Opens Up About Her Desire To Lose 25 Pounds Just Two Months After Giving Birth

by Angela Andaloro

Kate Hudson is ready to recommit to her health. Just two months after giving birth to daughter Rani Rose on October 2, she’s ready to rededicate herself to her health and wellness routine.

In an Instagram post, she revealed that she’s settled into her routine with baby Rani, 14-year-old Ryder, and 7-year-old Bingham and is ready to start taking back some time for herself.

Kate has even put a number on her goal, something that many celebrities shy away from. She is aiming to lose 25 pounds prior to filming a new project this spring. She’s sharing her journey with her fans through the Instagram account for her book Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body.

Kate’s committed to shedding the weight by eating healthy and exercising, while still maintaining balance in the other areas of her life. It isn’t going to be easy for this mom of three, but it will be well worth it to see her chase her goals with fans cheering her on.

Fabletics founder Kate Hudson is known for her commitment to health and wellness.

She’s even put out two health and lifestyle books: Pretty Happy and Pretty Fun.

Kate announced her third pregnancy in April. The actress is already mother to 14-year-old Ryder Russell Robinson with ex-husband Chris Robinson and 7-year-old Bingham Hawn Bellamy with ex-fiancé Matthew Bellamy.

Kate has been very open about her experiences with weight gain and loss during pregnancies. She once told Yahoo UK, “Some women have that metabolism where you’re like, ‘Wow, you didn’t even gain any weight being pregnant.’ Well, that’s not me, and a lot of women probably relate to that. I gained 70lbs.”

Kate welcomed Rani Rose on October 2.

A few weeks later, Kate was already thinking about getting back to being active. She posted a flashback Friday image of herself working out sometime pre-pregnancy.

Now that Rani is 2 months old, Kate has opened up about her plans to get back into a healthy place. Kate started out by expressing how she wants to get healthy for her kids. “I wanna be around for these three kiddos of mine,” she wrote.

She continued: “Let’s be honest, kids take the number one position and it’s haaaaard to make the time for yourself. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve spent my life time trying all kinds of new things that are focused on health and wellness.”

She then stated her goal: “I will be shooting a film in the spring and I’m looking to shed 25lbs. I’d like to try new workouts and eat as healthy as I can.”

She also acknowledged the other things she needed to keep in check while losing the weight: “I wanna do all this and keep up milk production, raise my kids, work everyday, make time for my man, have girlfriend time and stay sane.”

It’s an ambitious goal for Kate, but she’s determined to “get back into fighting shape.”

Some fans were eager to see what Kate’s process was going to be.

Others were in the midst of their own journeys and rooting for her.

Everyone is happy to see Kate happy and healthy and thriving. We’re rooting for her as she works toward this latest goal!