Kaley Cuoco Goes Off At Internet Trolls Who Shamed Her For Working Out With Her Nipples Showing

by Angela Andaloro

Is there anything celebrities don’t get shamed for online? Kaley Cuoco is the latest celebrity receiving criticism on Instagram after sharing an innocuous workout video.

The 32-year-old Big Bang Theory star has already had a pretty chaotic year. Just days after getting married, the sitcom star underwent a shoulder surgery. Both Kaley and husband Karl Cook have documented her recovery, laughing at how it was their honeymoon. A video of Kaley getting back to the gym seemed to rub some followers the wrong way, though — all because you could see the star’s nipples through her sports bra.

What’s really appalling about the comments on Kaley’s Instagram is that she’s being regarded as some sort of exhibitionist when just a few years ago, her privacy was wildly invaded when a hacker released intimate photos from her personal phone and computer online.

It seems to be that the anonymity of the internet has become another vehicle for policing female bodies, showing them in ways that are in demand even if it’s against a person’s best wishes. Luckily, Kaley’s a tough cookie and had no problem firing back at the haters.

Kaley Cuoco’s had a pretty wild summer! After getting engaged on December 1, she and Karl Cook tied the knot in an equestrian-themed wedding on June 30.

Their love of animals is one of the things that bonded the two. Aside from being heir to the co-founder of software company Intuit,  Karl is a professional equestrian. Kaley loves riding as well, and it was well-represented when they tied the knot.

Kaley injured her shoulder horseback riding last year and scheduled a surgery — which happened to be five days after her wedding. She captioned this photo: “When your ‘honeymoon’ is shoulder surgery and your husband looks just as happy lol on the road to recovery – thank you for all the love and support! ❤️”

Kaley and Karl have both been documenting her road to recovery, and it’s been both funny and inspiring to watch.

This was the first shot Karl posted of Kaley following her operation. “Everyone has their own version of a newlywed glow….well @normancook yours is memorable😳 #shouldersurgeryhoneymoon.

While he’s certainly poked fun at Kaley, seen above mid-snore, it’s clear that her man is standing by her as she works her way back to riding and the many other physical activities she’s been sidelined from.

Kaley also has an awesome attitude about recovering and isn’t using it as an excuse to be laid up in bed with ice cream, like so many of us would. She’s seen here doing her one-armed interpretation of the viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

Recently, Kaley posted some videos that show her getting back to the gym and working hard, all while still in a sling. She’s a tough one, for sure!

While most of her followers were cheering her on for her awesome progress, some people had a problem with the fact that Kaley’s nipples could be seen through her shirt during her workout.

Shoulder surgery doesn’t exactly lend itself to wearing form-fitting undergarments for a number of reasons. Still, a look at the videos shows that Kaley is wearing some sort of bralette.

It was mostly other women shaming the actress, telling stories of times they’ve had surgery and were able to wear bras as if all instances of injury and surgical procedures are exactly the same.

Fans stuck up for Kaley, in part because they were baffled by the fact that people could have a problem, despite her being fully clothed. They maintained that haters were missing the intended message of perseverance in the face of injury.

Kaley explained herself despite owing nothing to any of the people in her comments section trying to squash her shine.

It’s just the latest example of how women’s bodies are being policed by people hidden behind keyboards in 2018.

Kaley is making this recovery look easy. She’s clapping back at haters and keeping herself in shape while still in a sling. We wish her a speedy recovery and less nonsense to deal with from anonymous haters!