Pound Is About To End Labrador Puppy’s Life, Then They Notice His Sensitive Nose

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

An adorable yellow Labrador named Luke is the new hotshot crimefighter in the town of Bel-Ridge, Missouri!

The K9 officer is the latest addition to the Bel-Ridge PD, and he is already earning his kibbles several times over.

In just a couple of months on the job, the fluffy hero has helped the department crack several major cases wide open.

But life hasn’t always been so easy for Officer Luke. The friendly Labrador began his life in a shelter, unwanted and unloved.

Luke was just days away from being put down to make space in the shelter when he was granted a reprieve.

Much like the adorable pit bull patrolling the streets of Poughkeepsie, New York, Luke was given the chance to train as a K9 officer!

Plucked out of the overcrowded shelter and given a second chance at life, cuddly Officer Luke embraced his new role right away.

And when he finally met his perfect crime-stopping partner? Let’s just say that the bad guys of Bel-Ridge are going to be fighting an uphill battle.

Meet Officer Luke. This 18-month-old K9 officer is trained to fight crime, and he’s the resident ‘very good boy’ of the Bel-Ridge Police Department, in Bel-Ridge, Missouri.

Officer Luke specializes in narcotics and human trafficking, meaning that he helps to stop drug dealers, kidnappers, and human trafficking rings that transport people against their will for profit.

It’s a big job with a lot of responsibility, but this pup is more than up to the challenge!

He started his life as a puppy in a kill-shelter in Austin, Texas. Just a few days before he was supposed to be put down, the shelter staff found a solution that might give Luke a second chance at a happy life.

Luke is a purebred or nearly-purebred Labrador, meaning that he is good-natured, energetic, hard-working, and excellent at tracking scents.

The shelter staff thought that those qualities — especially his top-notch nose — might make him a good candidate for a program that trains shelter dogs as police K9’s.

Meanwhile, in Bel-Ridge, Officer Joel Fields was looking into a program that would pair him with a K9 partner.

He found the grant program that trains shelter dogs for police work, and they eventually matched them up with Luke.

The only problem? Officer Fields was a bit behind his new coworker and needed his own training to catch up!

Now, Officer Luke and his partner, Officer Fields, work together in perfect sync!

Together, they have helped to stop tons of bad guys, thanks in part to the pup’s excellent nose for trouble.

Officer Fields told Fox 2, “He made seven drug busts in less than a month-and-a-half of working the road with me.”

Of course, all work and no play makes Luke a dull boy. This affectionate pup is well-rewarded for his efforts in the field — with lots of extra kibble and cuddles.

He also likes to help out with the police department’s community outreach.

Over the recent Easter weekend, officers handed out Easter baskets full of candy to kids in the neighborhood.

Naturally, Officer Luke had to be part of the Easter festivities.

As it turns out, the town of Bel-Ridge may have accidentally traded their Easter Bunny for an Easter Puppy instead!

Officer Luke works his cottontail off on the job, but he clearly knows how to kick back and relax, too!

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