Thief Grabs 77-Year-Old’s Purse At Kroger And Speeds Off Until Stranger Yanks Him Out Of Truck

by Jess Butler
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It was a normal day of shopping until one bad apple spoiled everything. Luckily, a bunch of Good Samaritans and one special hero changed all of that.

While she unloaded her groceries, a 77-year-old woman placed her purse in the front seat of her car after a shopping trip at her local Kroger. Then, a sneaky purse thief snatched it.

A bunch of other customers saw him on the move and began screaming and chasing after him. Next, a man named Just Watkins heard the commotion from inside a nearby Lowe’s and knew he had to do something.

In the video below, posted on December 7, 2017, Justin recalls, “I see them chasing the fella across the parking lot,” adding, “He makes it over here into the parking lot, and I see him, you know, he’s making a line for a vehicle.”

So, Justin ran over and confronted the purse thief just as he was trying to drive away.

In the video, Justin says:

“I take the door, and I just smash him up against the car as hard as I can. I put my feet in the bottom of the door jam and I squeeze him as hard as I can, and I pulled him out of the car and I got him on the ground. He was holding on tight enough that when I pulled him out, he ripped his steering wheel cover off the steering wheel.”

The purse thief has been arrested, and Justin is now praised as a hero for the great lengths he went to that day.

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