Couple Struggling To Conceive Adopts Triplets, Then They Learn Months Later They’re Having Twins

by Amy Paige
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Andy and Sarah Justice were desperate to start a family, but they were having trouble conceiving a baby.

IVF was too costly, so they eventually decided to look into adoption.

The couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was thrilled to be matched with a pregnant woman who planned to place her baby for adoption once she gave birth.

Sarah accompanied the birth mom to her very first ultrasound and eagerly awaited that first image to appear on the screen. Doctors confirmed the woman was pregnant… but not with just one baby.

The woman was pregnant with triplets, meaning Sarah and Andy were finally getting the large family they’d always wanted.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were born two months early, weighing only three pounds each. They were kept in the NICU so nurses could monitor their progress.

Just one week later, Sarah began to feel a bit under the weather. She scheduled a doctor’s appointment and ended up getting an ultrasound of her own that day.

Sarah was shocked to learn why she was feeling so off… she was pregnant!

A couple of months later, Sarah went in for her next sonogram to find out the sex of the new baby. She immediately called Andy with some more stunning news.

“One is a boy,” she told him.

“One?” he shouted back.

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