Julia Roberts Is The Voice Of Mother Nature In Powerful PSA

by Catie Keck
Catie Keck is a New York-based staff writer at LittleThings who has produced work for various web and print publications.

Some call me nature — others call me Mother Nature,” begins an even-toned but familiar voice. “I’ve been here for over 4.5 billion years — 22,500 times longer than you.”

“I don’t really need people, says the voice, “but people need me.”

This voice, that of award-winning actress and producer Julia Roberts, lays heavy over gorgeous aerial views of some of the most beautiful corners of our planet — those that remain untouched by civilization. The video comes to us from the Nature is Speaking campaign by Conservation International, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about global resource depletion across the board.

The haunting but arresting video pans over canyons, desserts, forests, and massive glaciers. It shows us the many sides of the beauty of our planet while managing to capture its vastness and majesty.

It also reminds us how much we have at stake.

“When I thrive, you thrive,” she continues. “When I falter, you falter — or worse.”

And perhaps in the video’s most poignant moment toward the end, it abandons any remorse for failing us if we continue to do our planet harm. “I am Nature. I will go on. I am prepared to evolve,” says Mother Nature. “Are you?”

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