Family Claims They Arrived At Nursing Home To Find Mom Left To Suffer During Months Of Neglect

by Amy P
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A family from Colorado is sharing their heartbreaking story in an effort to encourage others to keep their ones protected during the pandemic, even with social distancing rules and limited visitations at health and living centers.

Julia Gutierrez, 78, had been living at an assisted living center in Arvada, Colorado, for two years. When she first moved in before the pandemic, she had a manageable case of dementia and was otherwise in good health.

Once the pandemic hit, Julia’s family wasn’t able visit her for several months. Their multiple in-person visits that took place every week dwindled down to nothing.

When Julia’s daughter Sylvia was finally able to see her, she noticed that her mom had lost a lot of weight.

Then Sylvia noticed her mom was having trouble sitting down and getting out of her chair.

One of Julia’s caretakers told Sylvia that Julia had developed a bedsore. It looked pretty serious and infected, so Sylvia asked if the staff had called a doctor.

No. They hadn’t.

So Sylvia took the initiative and called the doctor herself … and that’s when the disturbing truth came to light.

Watch the video below to see what the doctors discovered about Julia.

Sadly, she is now in hospice as of this writing, and Sylvia says this all could have been prevented. Instead, the medical team says it’s too risky to operate on her.

Julia’s family has been told to prepare to say their goodbyes.

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