Vietnam Vet Pleads Guilty To Parking Violation, But Judge Ignores Ticket And Thanks Him Instead

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Judge Caprio is known for being generous and benevolent. He takes into account the circumstances of the people who defend their actions in his courtroom.

And while Judge Caprio sees all kinds of cases, parking and traffic violations are perhaps the most common.

These can seem like pretty straightforward matters, but the judge tries to rule in favor of the citizens while still upholding the law. It’s a tough job, but if anyone can do it, he can!

In the latest episode of Caught In Providence, a Vietnam vet appears in court to defend himself and fight a ticket he received while visiting the veteran’s hospital.

In the clip, he admits that he was wrong to park the way he did, but he also says that parking is difficult in that area. Furthermore, at $100, the fine he received was way too high.

Judge Caprio patiently listened to the veteran’s argument and agreed. He didn’t hesitate to not only dismiss the case entirely, but to thank the veteran for his service.

What a kind gesture. Many are likely to agree that, regardless of the law, this was the right thing to do!

Now watch the clip, and be touched by Judge Caprio’s kindness.

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