Defendant Bursts Into Song In The Middle Of Court, Then Judge Dismisses His Parking Ticket

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Going to court is usually a very serious matter, whether it’s for a major crime or a simple parking violation. Judges deserve respect, as they will ultimately be the ones to decide your fate when you stand before them.

Judge Frank Caprio is no different. He uses his knowledge to make fair decisions in court, and the defendants in the cases that are presented to him know that. The judge knows that he has to uphold the law, but when he finds room to give someone a break on a ticket, he does just that. After all, mistakes happen!

In this latest episode of Caught in Providence, a man takes the stand claiming that his height caused him to misread the screen on the parking meter.

But before the defendant could even make his claim, Judge Caprio asked him to bring the microphone closer to his mouth. The man warns him that maybe that’s not the best idea because he has a great singing voice — jokingly, of course.

Then, he starts to show it off in the middle of court! Amused, the judge tells him to sing to a female employee present, and the defendant entertains everyone in the room.

We can’t help but think that his fabulous voice put him on the judge’s good side, because he quickly dismissed the ticket!

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