Woman Goes To Court For Illegal Turn, But Judge Changes Topic When He Notices Her Pregnant Belly

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Judge Caprio is known for his fair verdicts and interest in the people who show up to his courtroom. He sees them as people who make mistakes, and is willing to bend some rules when he deems it necessary.

So when a pregnant woman showed up in court, all he could focus on was her pregnancy.

After taking a look at the footage of her road violation (she’d allegedly made an illegal turn), he decided to totally change the topic of conversation. He was taken aback when she said that she was due “soon”; he didn’t want to make her nervous for fear that she would give birth right there and then!

He then asked her what she would name her baby. He told her and the court that he’d been asking pregnant women to name their children after him — he seems to think “Francesco” is a fine name for any child.

Judge Caprio certainly seems excited by the possibility of becoming a godfather, even of a total stranger’s child!

Returning to the case, the kind judge saw no reason to charge this woman for a violation he wasn’t sure she’d committed. He said that the tape did not offer sufficient evidence, so he let her go without a ticket.

Maybe she’ll now consider making him her baby’s godfather!

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Credit: Caught In Providence

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