Judge Sees Photo Of Emaciated Rescue Dog And Rushes To Pay $3,000 For His Medical Bills

by Emerald Pellot
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A Las Vegas judge, Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, went above and beyond to save a severely neglected Boxer. Melanie happened to spot the dog on her cousin’s Facebook page.

Her cousin, Carrie Cressy, had found the dog on the street. She brought him home and posted about the poor creature in search for help.

The boxer, now named Rocky, was in shocking condition, with his ribs protruding from his body. Melanie knew she had to help, or the dog would die. She got Rocky, brought him to an animal hospital, and paid the roughly $3,000 bill.

“I’m uncomfortable with this just because I don’t do this for the acknowledgment and so I was a little uncomfortable about even doing the interview,” Melanie told KTNV. “But this is something I would do if it was just me on the side of the road. I did it because I knew that without somebody to pay for the medical treatment, this dog was going to be euthanized.”

Doctors say the dog definitely suffered a major trauma, but they’re not entirely sure what happened. Rocky currently weighs 40 pounds, and a boxer of his size should weigh around twice that. He is still in the hospital recovering, but Melanie hopes to find him a forever home once he is out.

“He was so sweet and so gentle that I thought he deserved a chance,” she said.

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Photos: KTNV Las Vegas

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