Jude Law Sends Sweet Email To Fan After Accidentally Creeping Him Out At The Movies

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Have you ever run into a celebrity in a surprisingly mundane place, like the grocery store or the movie theater?

What about at work?

That’s what happened to Connor Walter, an employee at a movie theater in Bath, England.

When a mysterious, hooded figure came into the theater, Connor’s bosses asked him to keep an eye on the guy, just to make sure he didn’t do anything unusual. But when Connor got a closer look at the stranger, he realized he wasn’t dealing with a dark, shadowy figure — he was dealing with a celebrity in hiding.

Jude Law had just casually stepped into the movie theater, but Connor could tell he didn’t want anyone to notice.

Connor couldn’t let the moment pass without doing anything, so he decided to slip Jude a note — but he never expected to get an email back!

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Connor Walter // Connor Walter

Connor Walter

Connor Walter works at a movie theater in Bath, England.

person in hoodie

He was at work one night when a man in a black sweatshirt came into the theater with the hood covering his face. Connor’s bosses asked him to keep an eye on the man, as they worried he might be trying to do something suspicious.

But when the man in the black hoodie handed over his ticket for the movie Detroit, Connor got a quick look at his face. That’s when he realized it was Jude Law stepping into the movie theater — not a suspicious character.

Connor Walter and Jude Law

Connor told Mashable,

I was convinced it was him when I tore his ticket, so I decided that when I met him I’d love to be able to say more to him than just a few words in person (as I gathered he’d just want to get away!). We had a quick talk about the film ‘Detroit,’ which he had just watched and enjoyed, and he just apologised and said he had to get away!

Writing a note stock image

After their brief meeting, Connor handed Jude a short note. He’d written about how much he admires the actor and added his email onto it but never expected to hear back.

Email from Jude Law to Connor Walter

But, shockingly, Jude Law emailed back just a little bit later! He wrote back a thank-you for Connor’s sweet note and sent his best wishes.

Connor Walter

I would call this a successful day at work! I’ve met a few celebrities in my day, but never had an interaction like this before! And now Connor has an amazing story to tell when people ask him how work is going!

Jude Law

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