Mom And Dad Snap Perfect Photo, Then Nurse Is Horrified When She Sees Newborn’s Face ‘Changing’

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

David and Joy were expecting the birth of their second child. The pregnancy was going smoothly until one day when Joy felt a disastrous premonition.

The expecting couple were in the car when Joy was suddenly struck with an overwhelming sense of worry that something was wrong with their unborn baby, Andrew.

David passed off Joy’s concerns as pregnancy jitters… and so did the doctors. But Joy was defiant. “I 100 percent knew that something would be wrong with the baby,” she said.

Andrew was born seemingly healthy, which validated the doctors’ assumption that Joy was worried for no reason. But just one hour later, Joy sensed again that something was wrong.

This was her second premonition, and it was about to prove true.

As Andrew lay in his bassinet, Joy noticed a completely blank stare in his eyes. The nurse ran into the hospital room and was stunned to see Andrew’s skin turning gray, then progressing to a darker shade of black.

Andrew wasn’t breathing and every vital sign was failing.

Watch the video below to see the miracle that soon unfolded.

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