Pit Bull Found In Subzero Weather With Uterus Outside Her Body Makes Remarkable Recovery

by Emerald Pellot
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Journey, a pit bull, was found in a pool of her own blood, chained to a picnic bench in Washington Park in Indianapolis. Her owner had left her for dead in subzero temperatures.

When she was found by a Good Samaritan, the poor pit bull’s uterus was exposed, hanging outside of her body. It was a frightening scene.

“This is a crime. Journey was suffering, and they walked away from her. They tied her up, and they walked away. And they knew that she would die,” said Missy Patton, public relations specialist with Helping Paws.

The 2-year-old dog was in a dire state: suffering in the cold and in physical pain. Fortunately, Helping Paws and the community pulled together to save her.

“We were able to pull her and raise the funds for emergency surgery over the weekend,” Missy explained shortly afterward.

It seems miraculous that Journey, who is now staying at a foster home, is making a full recovery. Moreover, she still loves humans.

“It’s amazing how forgiving they are. After all that she’s been through, she is so forgiving and so loving,” said Missy.

Helping Paws is offering a reward to anyone who has information about Journey’s abuser. She’ll be available for adoption in about a month.

“No animal should ever have to suffer like she did. So, though she had a rough start, we are confident that the journey from here on out will be nothing but bright and successful for her,” she said.

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Footage and photo provided by WRTV Indianapolis

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