Teen Says She’ll Miss Jonas Brothers Concert For Urgent Chemo, That Night They’re In Her Room

by Amy Paige
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Like so many teenage girls around the country, Lily Jordan is a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers. With her coveted tickets in hand, she couldn’t wait to see their live concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Lily is also a such a big fan of Sophie Turner (who’s married to Joe Jonas) that she has a Stark house banner from Game of Thrones hanging up on the wall behind her hospital bed, a nod to Turner’s character on the HBO series.

You see, Lily is currently undergoing cancer treatment. According to PennLive.com, she has twice battled osteosarcoma, a cancer that produces immature bone. The disease has cost her her left leg, and her right hip was permanently dislocated after hip replacement surgery.

Imagine how crushed Lily felt when she learned her dream of seeing the Jonas Brothers would have to wait; she had to cancel her plans to attend the concert for an urgent chemotherapy session at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

“I was supposed to be at your Hersey concert tomorrow but instead I’m across the street doing chemo,” Lily wrote on Instagram. Then she threw out a casual invitation, not thinking it would actually lead to anything.

“If y’all wanted to pop in I’ll give you my room number,” she added.

Unbeknownst to Lily, her Instagram post was about to go viral, thanks to the power of social media, turning her “crappy chemo session into something incredibly special and unforgettable.”

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