Cops Break Up A Fight Between Mom And Dad, Then Shows Up The Next Day To Give 2-Year-Old Shoes

by Allyson Souza
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The job of a police officer is never easy. They are faced with situations that no one would ever choose to be a part of on a daily basis.

The people they come into contact with are often in terrible predicaments. The police aren’t called in to handle pleasant situations; that’s just not the way it works.

So when Tamika Osby made a call for help, the responding officers found themselves in a tough spot.

Osby was having an argument with her son Johntel’s dad over buying a pair of shoes for the 2-year-old. The mom had just lost her job and wasn’t able to pay for them, and his father was going back on his promise to make the purchase.

The officers who arrived on the scene were Detective Cale McClain and Sergeant Steve Nore. While they were asked to diffuse the situation between the mother and father, they decided to go one step further for the family.

McClain and Nore took a trip to the shoe store and bought a brand new pair of sneakers for the little guy.

Johntel was so excited about his new shoes, and his mother’s faith in the police has been restored.

“For him to care so much, just lets me know that there are still good people out there,” the happy mom told KCCI.

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