Evicted WWII Vet Finally Returns Home After Community Rallies Around Him

by Emerald Pellot
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Johnnie Hodges served in World War II. He’s a Navy veteran, but above all else the 90-year-old is a devoted husband.

Johnnie’s late wife, Flora was struggling with Alzheimer’s in 2014.

In his efforts to care for her, he became delinquent on loan payments. After Flora passed away, Johnnie was still in debt and thus, evicted from the home he and his wife shared for 60 years.

Johnnie was so adamant about taking care of his wife, he took such pride in it, that his two adult children had no idea their father was struggling so badly.

“It didn’t matter to him because all that mattered was caring for my mother,” said his daughter, Robin Hodges.

However, like Garrett Loughran, Johnnie did not go without a fight. He was forcibly removed by police officers — strapped into a stretcher and taken away. Many felt the elderly veteran’s situation was not handled justly.

A local businessman named Greg Elwood decided to step in and raised more than $110,000 for Johnnie, and with a little help from Congressman Brian Higgins and HUD, Johnnie was able to buy back his home.

“There’s no place like home,” said Johnnie. “I am so grateful that I am back to stay. And I am never leaving again!”

Thanks to his community, thanks to those who recognize his valor and compassion for his wife, Johnnie can now live in peace.

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