Breaking: Astronaut John Young Who Walked On The Moon Dies At Age 87

by Phil Mutz
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Former astronaut John Young passed away on Friday night at the age of 87.

According to CNN, John died of complications from pneumonia.

John was an American astronaut who was the ninth person to walk on the moon as part of the Apollo 16 mission. He spent a whopping 42 years in service at NASA, becoming the very first person to fly six space missions. He is also known for commanding the first space shuttle flight.

NASA posted on their Twitter account on Saturday:

We’re saddened by the loss of astronaut John Young, who was 87. Young flew twice to the Moon, walked on its surface & flew the first Space Shuttle mission. He went to space six times in the Gemini, Apollo & Space Shuttle programs.

After a long and illustrious career, John finally retired from NASA in 2004 at the age of 74. He went on to publish an autobiography in 2012 titled Forever Young.

CNN reports that NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot said: “NASA and the world have lost a pioneer. Astronaut John Young’s storied career spanned three generations of spaceflight; we will stand on his shoulders as we look toward the next human frontier.”

John will be sorely missed by both family and friends.

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