People Are Placing Pennies All Over John Wilkes Booth’s Grave As Revenge For Abraham Lincoln

by Kate Taylor
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There are few “bad guys” in history more infamous than John Wilkes Booth, the assassin who killed President Abraham Lincoln while he was enjoying a night at the theatre.

Unsurprisingly, the graves of universally reviled killers aren’t typically covered in fresh flowers like those of a regular person, who, y’know, did not kill one of America’s presidents.

In fact, Booth’s grave is actually unmarked, undoubtedly in an attempt to not draw attention to the villain who rests there. However, that has not stopped people from determining its location — and leaving a little something behind.

Of course, this probably sounds a little strange.

Why are people leaving anything for the man who killed Abraham Lincoln?

The whole thing makes a lot more sense when you consider whose face is featured on the penny. Apparently, fans of the 16th president have decided he deserves to have the last laugh.

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Before he became the man who killed Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth was a well-known actor.

Unfortunately for Lincoln, this meant Booth knew his way around the theatre.


According to the Abraham Lincoln Papers, the assassination took place on April 14, 1965, during a performance of Our American Cousin.

After firing the historical gunshot, Booth jumped from the balcony to the stage and broke his leg in the process.

Despite his broken leg, Booth was still able to escape through Maryland to Northern Virginia, igniting a massive manhunt and an even more massive prize for his return.

Booth’s body was first buried in the Old Penitentiary, where the rest of his conspirators were also buried.

His body was eventually returned to his family in 1867 and laid to rest at a cemetery in his childhood city of Baltimore.

Although the grave is unmarked, it is buried in the Booth family plot, which allows for people to deduce which grave is his.

The tradition is to leave a penny face up on the grave, as if to honor the life that Booth took.

Sometimes people do leave coins on graves as a sign of respect for the dead.

In this case, the fact that Lincoln’s face is on the penny is far more important.

Lincoln’s death was untimely, but his legacy still remains important today.

His likeness on the penny and $5 bill are a testament to that.

Booth was eventually captured and shot. There had been at least four other men involved in the assassination plot.

Lincoln’s death still resonates with people to this day.

Luckily, he’s remembered for his amazing achievements and the way he changed America forever during his presidency.

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