John Travolta Shows Off New Look On Social Media, And Fans Are Absolutely Loving It

by Olivia Jakiel
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John Travolta has been in the spotlight since his breakout roles in the smash hits Saturday Night Fever and — one of my personal favorites (fun fact: I was named after Olivia Newton-John) — Grease. Since the ’70s, John has made headlines on a regular basis, whether for his movie roles or his controversial involvement with Scientology (and the fact that he and Tom Cruise are apparently “Scientology rivals,” whatever that means).

Now he’s making headlines because of his bold new look for 2019, and fans are really digging his “new year, new me” attitude!

The 64-year-old actor posted a photo with his 18-year-old daughter Ella Bleu on his Instagram, showing off a freshly shaved head. Yep, that’s right! Long gone are the flowing locks we’ve all come to know and love. John captioned the photo, “I hope everyone had a great New Year!”

I did have a great new year, John, thank you.

Anyway, fans are seriously into this 2019 John Travolta vibe.

One social media user commented, “I must confess, I was afraid to look… but it’s a great look! Looks more than good on you!” Another Instagram user wrote, “Love the look! Hope you and your family have a fabulous 2019.”

Who knew everyone would be so supportive of bald John Travolta?

I have to agree with everyone commenting on this picture, though; John does look amazing both with and without hair. Not many people can pull that look off!

What do you think of John’s new look? Are you digging it?

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